Lending Collection

The Lending Collection of Rajarata University Library is a vast and diverse collection of books and other resources that students and faculty members can borrow for their academic and research needs.The collection comprises various subjects, including science, technology, engineering, agriculture, social sciences, humanities, and management. The library has an extensive collection of reference materials, textbooks, and audio-visual materials to support the academic curriculum.

Students and faculty members can access the lending collection by registering for library membership. The membership is open to all students, faculty members, and staff of the university. Once registered, members can borrow books for a specified period, which can be renewed if necessary.

The library has an online catalogue system, which allows users to search and locate the materials they need quickly. Additionally, the library has dedicated staff who assist users in locating resources and providing guidance on the proper use of library materials.

The lending collection of Rajarata University Library is a valuable resource that supports the academic and research needs of the university community. It is continuously updated and expanded to ensure that it meets the needs of the users and keeps up with the latest developments in various fields of study.


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