To be the best academic library in the country that caters to learning, teaching, and research in the fields of Agriculture, Applied Science, Management Studies, Medical and Allied Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, and Technology


To provide information services through the highest effective management of resources using the best skill and technology for the teaching process at the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka



    • To provide and maintain a collection of books, journals, multimedia, and e-journals that is current and comprehensive in terms of coverage of the various disciplines.

    • To serve the readers of the library with the best available information in a supportive and catering manner.

    • To co-operate with other libraries and library-related institutions.

    • Providing the best user services to the users (students, and academic and non-academic staff members)

    • Providing efficient library services implementing a new library automation system and buildup an intranet connecting the faculty libraries.

    • Staff Development through training and recruitment.

    • Exploit the usage of the library.

    • Conservation and preservation of library resources.

    • To develop the professional skills of librarians and others of the North Central Province.

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