News Paper Collection

Rajarata University Library takes pride in its comprehensive Newspaper Collection, which serves as a valuable resource for researchers, students and staff members.

The Newspaper Collection offers a wealth of information, covering various topics such as Current Events, Politics, Culture, Business, and more. It provides a window into the past and present, enabling users to explore and analyze historical events, societal trends, and evolving perspectives. Whether it’s for academic research, current affairs analysis, or general knowledge enrichment, the Newspaper Collection at Rajarata University Library offers a rich and dynamic source of information that enhances the learning and research experience of the university community.

This collection houses a diverse range of newspapers, including Sinhala, English and Tamil.

Daily News Papers

  • ලංකාදීප
  • දිනමිණ
  • දිවයින
  • මව්බිම
  • Daily news
  • The Island
  • தினகரன்
  • வீரகேசரி

Weekly News Papers

  • ඉරිදා ලංකාදීප
  • ඉරිදා දිවයින
  • ඉරිදා සිලුමිණ
  • ඉරිදා මව්බිම
  • විදුසර
  • Sunday Observer
  • The Sunday Times
  • Sunday Island
  • தினகரன்
  • வீரகேசரி



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