Periodical Collection

The Rajarata University Library maintains a comprehensive periodical collection that serves as a valuable resource for students and staff researchers. This collection comprises a wide range of periodical publications, including academic journals, magazines, newspapers, and other serial publications.

The periodical collection at the Rajarata University Library covers various disciplines, including the Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Management and Professional fields. It includes both print and electronic formats, providing users with diverse options for accessing current and archived content.

The periodicals collection is regularly updated to include the latest editions of journals and publications relevant to the academic programs offered at the Rajarata University. Library users have access to recent issues, as well as archived content, depending on the specific subscription agreements and licensing agreements in place.

Furthermore, the library staff ensures proper cataloging, indexing, and shelving of the periodicals collection, making it easier for users to locate and retrieve specific publications.


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